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What flamenco is NOT

Apart from the obvious promotional brainwashing of record companies, it all comes down to stubborn subjective belief. Am I trying to change the way you think? Hell No! I'm not that stupid. My main point is that those who actually accompany dancers or singers in the traditional flamenco style have no doubt where the definitive boundaries lie. When all is said and done, what I've said here is nothing more than a personal perspective. Whether you take it on board or not is entirely up to you.

What flamenco is NOT

Listen punk, the Clint Eastwood graphics are from the Clint Eastwood World Wide Web page. I didn't steal them if that's what you think. They are used here with permission so put your gun away.

The Mariachi "Trio" graphic is from the Mariachi Connection . Used here with permission.


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Rafael Marin
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