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5 Sevillanas

Flamenco guitar solo

5 Sevillanas

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5 Sevillanas

Artist: Sal Bonavita.

Playing time: 4.15
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(Song and dance form) A Castilian folkloric dance adopted as the regional dance of Seville. The Sevillanas originated from the 19th century style of classical dance known as Seguidillas Boleras. Going even further back, the Boleras evolved from the dance form known as Seguidilla s Manchegas, popularized in the southern Castilian region of La Mancha. Sevillanas is a popular festive dance all over Andalucia. It evolved into a structured format consisting of a group of four short dances. Within each dance there is a melodic theme which is sung (or played) three times. These four dances are called coplas, or verses and they each end with a sudden stop as the dancers strike a pose. Sevillanas is unique in flamenco in that it is the only song/dance form I know of with a structure that never varies no matter who plays. The melody, key and lyrics can be different but the basic rhythm structure never changes.


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